Our Story

Passion and vision with a family heart

Founded in 1963, Cuzeno Builders and Developers is one of Australia’s oldest construction companies. Starting as a small family-owned enterprise with origins in the St George and Sutherland areas, Cuzeno has grown in size and reputation to be a favoured and trusted company. Over many years they have delivered high-quality developments, from residential to commercial high rise, and retail.

Cuzeno moved into the retirement sector in 2000, forming Cuzeno Retirement Village Management. The retirement arm of the company developed Beauty Point Retirement Resort with a vision of providing an impeccable independent living environment, together with excellence in care. Now in their third generation, the founding family of Cuzeno at Beauty Point work with a committed team who share their passion to provide an exceptional seniors lifestyle for residents.

Beauty Point prides itself on providing the highest level of services of any retirement village – and without hidden charges. Those services include the Medi-Help Care Service with trained staff on site who are available to residents at any time of the day or night to address health concerns, at no extra cost. Similarly two onsite maintenance staff are always happy to help residents keep their home in good working condition, changing a light-globe or hanging pictures are some of the regular requests that are complimentary.

Beauty Point is accredited under the Retirement Villages Association National Accreditation Scheme. It provides an assurance that the property has met stringent industry standards for management, facilities, accommodation and services and that a program

Lisa Papahristos – Manager

Lisa Papahristos, the manager of Beauty Point Retirement Resort for over 10 years, is a big believer in solid customer service. After many years in public service, Lisa brought to her role as manager, a wealth of customer service experience, which has infiltrated every aspect of Beauty Point.

Lisa ensures she chats with every resident and says that Beauty Point just has a different feel to many other retirement villages across Sydney. Not being part of a national corporate chain of villages, Lisa is proud of the Resort’s personalised focus by the family based ownership and management. That together with the staff’s dedication to ensuring independent, autonomous lifestyles for retirees, is what makes Beauty Point one of the best NSW retirement villages around.

‘Customer service is the key. If you treat your customers well, you can succeed in any business.’ - Lisa Papahristos

Nancy Le – Healthcare Manager

Beauty Point Retirement Resort’s healthcare manager, Nancy Le, is proudly involved in a new style of retirement village in NSW that aims to retain and prolong retirees mobility and independence for longer.
Nancy, having been part of the Beauty Point team since 2009, knows that the health care services she provides are quite unique compared to other Sydney retirement villages and says while Beauty Point can cater for health problems up to level two dementia, most residents rarely need to see her. Instead, they enjoy retirement as she takes care of the little health care issues, like prescriptions, specialist appointments, referrals or organising flu vaccinations. As a registered nurse Nancy also coordinates the resort’s emergency service, which sees a critical care team at a unit within four minutes in an emergency.

‘What we offer here, most of all, is peace of mind. Our residents enjoy a five-star lifestyle knowing that if our health services are ever needed, they are there only when they ask.’ - Nancy Le

Ross Symonds

After decades of media success, Ross Symonds is now dedicating his life to communicating his belief in Beauty Point Retirement Resort.

A well-known news anchor and media personality for 40 years, Ross was a familiar face on both Channel 7 and the ABC. After retiring, he worked as a real estate agent on Sydney’s North Shore.

His career once again changed when he met the owner of Sydney’s stand-out retirement village, Beauty Point, in 2006. He found that the independent way of life offered by the Resort made it unique among retirement villages in NSW, and this was something he wanted to help promote.

Now, Ross dedicates his time as the trusted face and voice of the resort.

‘When I talk to residents, everyone universally wishes they’d come here earlier. And that’s the best response you can hope for.’ - Ross Symonds

Mary Colak – Concierge

As Beauty Point Retirement Resort’s concierge, Mary Colak is the lifeblood of the resort’s customer service centre and is known as everyone’s ‘go to’ girl. A long time Beauty Point employee, Mary is also considered one of the family by many of the retirees at the village, and she, in turn, gladly takes care of their requests.

Mary, who has been on staff for 16 years, organises all kinds of details for residents, from travel arrangements, appointments, dry cleaning, reservations and event tickets—helping to make retirement at Beauty Point like holidaying in a world-class hotel.

‘It’s a very friendly, homely environment here, and nothing is too hard for us to do for our retirees. We go out of our way to ensure our residents’ retirement is an exceptional one.’ - Mary Colak

Abraham Ayoub – The Maintenance Team

Meet Beauty Point Retirement Resort’s handyman, Abraham Ayoub. Abraham has been at the village since 2005 after spending many years as a qualified lift mechanic and licensed electrician. He is responsible for residents’ home maintenance, such as repairing of hot water systems, lights and other bits and pieces both inside and outside the homes.

‘This is a really rewarding job. I get to help retirees and make their lives easier. It’s like working for charity, but getting paid!’ - Abraham Ayoub

Dave Baldwin – Bus Driver

Dave, a maintenance engineer by trade, has held a variety of managerial positions looking after facilities in places such as Ravenswood School for Girls and the Western Suburbs Hospital. He now enjoys his days driving the Beauty Point bus.

Having travelled over much of Australia, Dave was the perfect candidate for getting our residents to where they need to go. The bus visits different locations on different days of the week so there’s lots of variety.

‘I love driving and enjoy the people at the village, as well as the friendly family atmosphere here. I need to be active and it’s nice to be employed doing something you enjoy.’ - Dave Baldwin

Janine Trott – Hairdresser

Janine has been hairdressing for 26 years, and feels privileged that the last 10 have been at Beauty Point, proudly saying she has loved every moment! Janine appreciates how the Beauty Point staff from all the different areas work together as a team.

Janine really enjoys the personal side of hairdressing, and making our residents look and feel good.

‘Over the years I have heard it all. I hear about their children, great grandchildren, and from some who are lucky enough, their great great grandchildren! To hear them all so proud of their families is just as rewarding as seeing how good they feel after their hair is done.’ - Janine Trott

Neil Saward – Chauffeur

Neil Saward’s work life has been varied, to say the least! It’s a career that started on a cattle farm in Tasmania, included being an electoral officer, a ship’s engineer and a customer service specialist, and now involves driving a limousine for Sydney’s Beauty Point Retirement Resort.

But it’s in his job of helping retirees maintain an independent and luxurious lifestyle that Neil has found a renewed purpose. Neil absolutely loves his job as limousine chauffeur to retirees in one of the most forward-thinking retirement villages in Sydney, because he gets to help his mates retain their mobility and independence. And at half the price of a taxi, the service is unique among retirement villages across NSW.

‘Now, I can provide the kind of service I think is important in an environment that values customer service above all else.’ - Neil Saward