What does it take to manage Sydney’s premier retirement resort, Beauty Point?

According to Beauty Point’s manager of over a decade, Lisa Papahristos, the answer is simple: excellent customer service skills.

After many years in public service, Lisa brought with her to the role of Manager of the resort a wealth of customer service experience, and this experience has infiltrated every aspect of Beauty Point, from the 24 hour a day, seven day a week concierge desk, to the sale of the newly renovated apartments.

Lisa was a well-known face at Kogarah Council for six years, first as the personal assistant to the director, then as a supporter to the Mayor, and finally as manager of the highly successful customer service centre.

But in her job at the Resort, Lisa feels she has finally found her home.

“I am very proud that I am able to help our retirees maintain their independence for longer. Our residents are adults. They decide what they want to do, and it is my job to help them achieve this with the right services at the right time,” Lisa says.

“We all pitch in to make sure this happens. I think the difference between this resort and some other villages is that everyone here genuinely cares.”

After joining owner George Jabbour’s team 10 years ago, the pair set about remodelling the resort from the ground up and ensuring that every single staff member was dedicated to offering the best service.

Lisa is also proud of the Resort’s unique ‘stand alone’ status, and believes this ‘hands on’ approach by the owner and management, plus the staff’s dedication to ensuring independent lifestyles with health services available only if you need them, is what makes Beauty Point one of the best retirement villages around.

“I came to Beauty Point without any history in the retirement industry, which I think has been a real blessing. I wasn’t constrained by what we ‘should’ be doing, and instead George and I just did what we thought was right. It’s the first time I’ve ever been in a job this long, and I am never bored,” Lisa says.

Lisa has no plans to ever leave the place she loves, and is so proud of the exclusive service that Beauty Point offers its residents. Lisa ensures she meets and chats to every resident regularly and says that Beauty Point just has a different feel to many other retirement villages across Sydney and NSW.

“I just love the village, because I’ve help build it. Beauty Point grew out of nothing and now we lead in the industry, which I believe is because of our hands on customer service.

“It doesn’t matter to us whether you are a pensioner or a self-funded retiree, you get the same service across the board at Beauty Point.

“Customer service is the key. If you treat your customers well, you can succeed in any business,” Lisa says.

For obligation-free information and for any further questions about the Resort and available apartments, contact Lisa, on 8708 4700 or 0409 849 332.


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