Happy with Blues

The Senior. March 2011.

RESEARCH has shown to be true what most people suspect as they get older – that the more friends you have, the happier and healthier you will be.

The Senior aims to encourage seniors to interact with their neighbours and to make friends through out life.

Each month we ask a resident 10 questions, about their life, their activities and the people who inspire them. You never know, that person may be your neighbour. And if so, why not go and say g’day.

This month, Valda Leate, who lives in Padstow Heights

Q What is your name?
A Valda Leate.

Q How old are you?
A Eighty-one.

Q Where were you born?
A Melbourne, but lived for many years in Bundeena, near Cronulla, NSW.

Q What is your favourite hobby?
A Counter cross stitch.

Q What is your favourite food?
A Seafood.

Q What is your favourite music?
A I’m open to all music, but especially blues and jazz.

Q What is your favourite sport?
A AFL – not to play!

Q Name two famous people (past or present) you would like to invite to dinner.
A Hugh Jackman and Geoffrey Rush.

Q What is the happiest memory from your childhood?
A Sunday school anniversary, because I had a new dress to wear.

Q What one thing would you like to be able to change in the world?
A Child abuse.

Valda lives at Beauty Point Retirement Resort, Bernard Road, Padstow Heights, (02) 8708-4700 , www.beautypointresort.com