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Beauty Point Resort Hairdressing – Janine Trott

At the Beauty Point Resort Hair and Beauty Salon you can have all your hair and beauty needs taken care of, from cuts, blow-dry, perm and tints to waxing and manicures. The Beauty Point salon is very popular with both locals and Beauty Point residents and is open from Wednesday to Saturday, with other times available by appointment for your convenience.
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  • • Cut only
  • • Shampoo/ Cut
  • • Shampoo/ Cut/ Blow-dry
  • • Shampoo/ Blow-dry
  • • Shampoo/ Set
  • • Shampoo/ Cut/ Set
  • • Perm (Including Cut/ Set/ Blow-dry
  • • Tint (Short Hair) Including Set/ Blow-dry
  • • Shampoo only
  • • Men’s Haircut
  • • Water rinse
  • • Semi-permanent/ Blow-dry (Including Set/ Blow-dry)


Waxing and Manicures are available in the hair and beauty salon with the beautician.

The beautician is available every three weeks.

Please check the Beauty Point Resort calendar for dates.

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About Janine

Janine has been hairdressing for 26 years, and feels privileged that the last 10 have been at Beauty Point, proudly saying she has loved every moment! Janine appreciates how the Beauty Point staff from all the different areas work together as a team.

Janine really enjoys the personal side of hairdressing, and making our residents look and feel good.

‘Over the years I have heard it all. I hear about their children, great grandchildren, and from some who are lucky enough, their great great grandchildren! To hear them all so proud of their families is just as rewarding as seeing how good they feel after their hair is done.’
- Janine Trott

Have any questions?

Whether you have a question or wish to book an appointment simply call or fill in the contact form below and our lovely hairdresser Janine will be happy to help.

P 0405 682 580

Open hours

Appointments available outside of these times on request for everyone’s convenience.



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