New chef delivers a dining experience tailored just for you

Top 5 Reasons to dine at The Beauty Point Bar & Grill Family Restaurant:

1) The new chef will tailor-make your meal to your needs.
2) All locally-sourced, fresh ingredients from the farmer to the table.
3) The chef personally selects all produce including meat and seafood.
4) Everything is cooked on the spot – nothing pre-cooked.
5) The food’s also ultra-healthy and heart-smart.
6) Family-friendly restaurant with views of the Georges River.

The Beauty Point Bar & Grill Family Restaurant is open for lunch from 11.30am to 2.00pm and for dinner from 5.30pm to 8.00pm. To book, call 02 8708 4700 or just call in.


A dining experience tailored just for you

There’s a new chef called Theo Magoula at The Beauty Point Bar & Grill Family Restaurant and he’ll tailor-make a delicious and healthy meal to suit your needs. When it comes to cooking, Magoula has blue-ribbon credentials, having trained and worked with the best of them, so he can serve up modern, healthy Australian cuisine to excite everyone’s palates.

“If people have certain requirements, I can adjust the menus to suit them. Even during the week, people can make a request and we can make it for them later on down the track,” Magoula says.

He’s also comfortable catering for large groups of people and says: “We can do functions for groups outside of the resort as well… We’re happy to do outside bookings and group meals,” he says.

“We can tailor our menus to the function. We can sit down and talk and work out exactly what the client wants. And then work out a price range they want to work on,” he adds.

Trained with the best of them

Magoula has high standards, having completed his cooking apprenticeship in with Hans Schings, a well-known Australian chef. His next move was to travel to London where he trained with Marco Pieres White – a British chef and TV personality who’s been called the ‘Godfather of modern cooking’ by Australian MasterChef.

He learnt a great deal from working with these top chefs and you get the benefit of all of his experience when you go to The Beauty Point Bar & Grill Family Restaurant. He’s introduced a range of more healthy options is because he believes that not only should food taste good, it should also be good for you.

So Magoula has introduced some healthy alternatives to the menu at the Beauty Point Bar & Grill Family Restaurant and the lunch menu now has a whole range of options including: grass-fed beef burgers; hormone-free chicken burgers; wild-caught grilled fish; and grilled fish and chips. This is great for many people who’re looking for healthy alternatives.

But the tried-and-true favourites are still on the menu including pita bread wraps, calamari and salad, schnitzel and salad and even the classic bacon and egg roll.

The dinner menu has even more variation with a stunning Mezze Platter for Two which includes fish, calamari, chicken, beef, prawns and char-grilled vegies. The Specials Board lists the other dishes which are being served each particular night.

It’s all about balance

Magoula says it’s all about balance: “Our main menu now offers well-balanced meals, keeping in mind the digestive system and food for ageing Australians,” he adds. “I can tailor meals to people’s needs – nothing’s pre-cooked, everything’s cooked on the spot.”

“We all have specific needs,” he continues. “We need well-balanced diets so the food doesn’t get caught in our systems. I know a lot about balancing food the right way,” he adds.

When asked if he thinks carbs should be limited, Magoula explains: “Everything’s in a weighed portion and strategically made in that portion. So if the customer eats the lot, it’s good for their wellbeing.

All the meals are created around wellbeing – not just for older Australians, but for everyone.”

Fresh produce on a daily basis

Magoula says he always cooks with fresh produce and buys all everything on a daily basis: “I actually even cut the meat myself off the animal. There’s a butcher in Riverwood and I go there in the mornings and cut the meat that I want. That’s when I decide what the specials are going to be today,” he says.

“We do a small amount of seafood – mainly grilled. Sometimes I do battered fish and chips as a special – say every two weeks. We make the chips ourselves – we don’t buy in frozen ones,” he adds.

What’s it like to eat at the Beauty Point Bar & Grill Family Restaurant?

Jan Wallis, a resident of Beauty Point Resort for three and a half years, says she’s found Magoula’s changes to be very beneficial.

“I’m happy with the idea there are more healthy options and they are heart-smart. I do like that and I think we need that,” she says.

She adds: “Theo’s introduced the Specials Board and that’s really good and he has different specials every day. He’s also very co-operative if you want something different. He’ll do his best to do it right for you. He’ll also do a function for you – he did one for me and I had no problems. Everything’s cooked fresh – nothing’s pre-cooked which is great.”

The Beauty Point Bar & Grill Family Restaurant is open for lunch from 11.30am to 2.00pm and for dinner from 5.30pm to 8.00pm.To book, call 02 8708 4700 or just call in.