Getting a New Lease of Life

While Beauty Point Retirement Resort residents are well aware of the benefits of moving to the renowned resort, including privacy, independence and exceptional health care services if needed, retirees also enjoy an unexpected advantage: a new lease on life.

As Beauty Point’s Registered Nurse and Health Care Manager, Nancy Le, explains, moving to a friendly, supportive community can have many health benefits.

“Moving to a fun, friendly and social atmosphere means retirees can get out more, enjoy more activities and even get fit if they want to. Many of our retirees do things here they never would have dreamed for doing before,” Nancy says.

“Being socially isolated is not good for the health on any level, so moving to a caring community like Beauty Point is great for improving wellbeing.

“We know health does not just come from the physical. So Beauty Point also looks after residents mentally, and spiritually as well,” Nancy says.

Second-generation resident Val Packham, agrees. Val, who has been at Beauty Point for four years in the same unit where her parents lived, is enjoying life immensely.

"I am very happy here and am enjoying it very much. The services and facilities here are fantastic, I don’t know of any other place that has so many,” Val says.

Augusta Cossetto, who has been a resident for over two years, agrees. “This is not just a retirement village. I found a sense of community here that I didn’t have for years. Everything I need is here, and every day I can do something different. I am very happy,” she says.

Val Lofts, who has been at Beauty Point for over two years, says she has learned things she never would have learned by staying in the family home. “We have a very busy, good life. I have learned how to use the Internet and email. I never would have done it if I hadn’t moved here,” she says.

Nancy says the benefits of community living are complemented by Beauty Point’s discreet, yet extensive health care services, most of which are included in the monthly levy and are therefore free to use at no extra cost.This includes health checkups, medication analysis and support, a twice-daily pharmacy delivery, an on-site doctor’s surgery and regular visits by health professionals, such as a podiatrist and dentist, plus critical care in the event of an emergency.

“We bring the health care services to our retirees, rather than making them go out to get them. With comprehensive health care at your doorstep that costs no extra, our retirees are far more likely to attend to their health and stay fit, happy and healthy for longer,” Nancy says.

“By having health care available in-house if you ever need it, we can pick up health issues that may be missed or put off. As we all know, health often gets moved to the end of the list when you live on your own.”

As Beauty Point resident, Hanah Pickford, explains, it’s about peace of mind. “I’ve got peace of mind knowing there's trained medical personnel on site 24 hours a day. It means I can just relax and enjoy myself knowing that I've got backup if I need it,” Hanah says.

For obligation-free information about the Resort and available apartments, contact Lisa Papahristos, Neil Saward or Ross Symonds on 02 9773 7119, or can be found on our website.

Going That Extra Mile

Any retirement village has to meet certain accreditation standards to operate in Australia. But it is the villages that go beyond accreditation that stand out from the pack.

Beauty Point Retirement resort is one of those stand-outs.

Manager of Beauty Point, Lisa Papahristos, says what makes Beauty Point renowned across in the industry is the lengths they will go to to ensure their residents get what they need to enjoy retirement.

“It’s about respect, really,” Lisa says. “Our residents are adults and we respect that. So we ensure that we have the right staff in the right place with the right services to enhance independence and, therefore, retirement.

“While retirement villages all have to have certain services to gain accreditation, it’s the way in which we deliver our services that ensures we stand alone.

“For example, to get accreditation, you have to provide meals for your residents. Well, we provide a chef in a gourmet restaurant setting, which is taking it that important extra step.

“Similarly, we have to provide transport, which we do with our free bus service. However, we also provide a subsidised, chauffeured limousine, to ensure our residents’ independence with stress-free travel at half the cost of a taxi.”

In particular, Beauty Point sets the bar when it comes to health care services. Beauty Point offers such a high level of discreet health care to residents that most never need to move as they age.

This care includes an on-site GP, on-site medical staff, twice daily pharmaceutical deliveries, medication analysis, medication support, occupational therapy and physiotherapy, as well as access to an on-site masseuse, podiatrist, dentist and more.

“Retirement villages must also provide access to an emergency service, but they don’t need to be on site. Our emergency service is on site, in fact they sleep here, so we can be at the scene of an emergency within four minutes,” Lisa says.

Other ways Beauty Point sets the standard across the industry is with the free handyman service, and free concierge service, which operates at a level you would expect from a holiday resort.

“The great thing about these extra services we offer is, in most cases, there is no extra charge to use them as all these services are covered in the monthly levy. And because the residents are in charge of the residents fund, they decide where the money goes and how it can best be spent,” Lisa says. “This commitment to transparency also ensures our residents are happy and don’t have to worry about hidden costs when they live on a fixed income.”

For obligation-free information about the Resort and available apartments, contact Lisa Papahristos, Neil Saward or Ross Symonds on 02 9773 7119, or view it on our website.

Simon Tedeschi performs at Beauty Point

It’s not often two world-class musicians perform a string of intimate concerts within walking distance of your home.

But that’s what Beauty Point Retirement Resort residents enjoyed in July when the renowned pianist Simon Tedeschi and musician Glenn Henrich paid them a visit.

Simon, who has been playing piano since he was five and has performed for George W Bush and Vladimir Putin; and Glenn, who plays the vibraphone, saxophone, clarinet, flute and piano, wowed the crowd at the Resort, performing exclusively for residents and their guests.

Simon kicked off the amazing musical performances with a piece by Chopin, before he and Glenn, on the vibraphone, played some forties jazz and then the poignant Debussy piece ‘Footsteps in the Snow’, which Simon dedicated to the recent Norway massacre.

Following intermission, the pair played ‘Spain’ by Chick Corea, before launching into some more jazz that evolved into 'Rhapsody in Blue', which showcased Glenn’s talents on the vibraphone, saxophone and clarinet. Gershwin was followed by ‘Waltzing Matilda’, and a special request from the audience for ‘Fly Me To The Moon’ rounded out the stunning performance.

The Beauty Point residents in attendance were absolutely amazed by the musical prowess and gave the pair a standing ovation.

“We are so lucky to be enjoying a concert of this calibre,” said Augusta Cossetto. “They put so much feeling into the music that I can just close my eyes and enjoy it,” Mrs Cossetto said.

With a string of international prizes and scholarships under his belt, including winning the Open Age Concerto Series and 'Most Outstanding in all Youth Sections' in Italy in 1994 and taking out the top prize in the keyboard section of the Royal Overseas League Music Competition in London (2002), Simon has played for Pavarotti and has performed with the Sydney Symphony Orchestra, and in Carnegie Hall, New York, London and Japan.

Simon says his career highlights include playing in the movie ‘Shine’ and playing a charity concert to a village in Cambodia, and his favourite style of music is ‘whatever he’s playing at the time’.

Simon and Glenn performed as part of Beauty Point’s Concert Series, which aims to bring world-class entertainment to residents, their friends and family.

Why moving to Beauty Point makes good financial sense

Once you retire, the most important daily consideration to take into account is budget. Unless you are still working part-time, then retirement means you are stuck on a fixed income.

So while prices are free to keep rising (and do) the amount you can spend on necessities rarely, if ever, increases.

So you may be interested to know why moving to Beauty Point Retirement Resort can often make better financial sense than staying in your own home.

There are no hidden costs at Beauty Point, because at Beauty Point, you are in control. All budgets are controlled by the elected Resident’s Committee.

By law, the Resident’s Fund must be operated on a strictly not-for-profit basis so essential services supplied by this fund are done so at cost. And the monthly levy that supplies the fund is capped to the official CPI, and for the levy to rise above the CPI, it must be approved by the Resident’s Committee.

If you’re not paying a huge profit margin on things like meals and health services, this means big savings in the long term. Beauty Point’s Ross Symonds explains.

“Think about everything you spend annually while living in your current home: there’s home maintenance, plumbing, food, entertainment, gardening, cleaning, hot water, heating, council rates, insurance, gas, water rates, health care, security and transport,” Ross says.

All this can add up to thousands every year – and that’s if nothing goes wrong!

Costs, like rates and electricity bills, have just gone up by as much as 30 per cent over the last 12 months alone, and they are set for more big rises in coming years.

Compare how much you are paying annually in household expenses now, to how much you can save by moving to Beauty Point. The monthly levy ensures you get many essential services free and other services at cost price. We also offer economies of scale and can negotiate cheaper prices for essential services like gas and electricity.

Beauty Point Retirement Village's free bus serviceFor example, our bus is totally free to use, and our chauffeured limousine is half the price of a regular taxi. So now, a trip to the airport needn’t break the bank.

Similarly, our handyman service for fixing things like hot water systems, plumbing and general home maintenance is free!

Our gym, pool and private cinema are free to use for you and the entire family. As is the Internet Café, the activities room, the BBQ, spa, boardroom, concierge, gardeners, library and chapel. Combine this with our subsidised concert series featuring world-renowned entertainers, and you will save hundreds a year on entertainment alone.

Our trained health professionals are on site 24 hours a day, seven days week and are totally free! Our on-site doctor’s surgery is a bulk-billing surgery and our visiting specialists are far more affordable.

You can see how these savings can add up to hundreds, if not thousands, of dollars every year. Add to this the expenses you will no longer need to pay, like council rates, water rates, building insurance, gardening and gardening supplies and home maintenance.

When you think about it, moving to Beauty Point just makes good financial sense!

Staff Profile – Nancy Le

While most Beauty Point Retirement Residents stay fit, healthy and happy, if you do have an unexpected health problem there is no better place to be than in a resort with highly trained medical personnel only metres away.

Best of all, there’s no extra charge to see the Beauty Point medical staff, led by Health Care Manager Nancy Le.

Nancy Le has spent her life to date working and training in many different facets of health care, after completing her Bachelor of Nursing at the University of Western Sydney. Her career has included community nursing, specialising in aged care, as well as trauma.

But it was in aged care where Nancy’s own heart lay and so two years ago she became Beauty Point’s Health Care Manager.

Now, Nancy is dedicating her life to ensuring retirees live a fit, healthy and independent lifestyle in resort surrounds.

As the Resort’s Health Care Manager, Nancy is at the forefront of a new style of retirement living,

where retirees are offered the right services at the right time to maintain their lifestyles for as

long as possible.

“Our level of care is unheard of in retirement villages,” Nancy explains. “It gives residents reassurance, so they can just relax and enjoy their retirement. But at the same time, if they don’t need us, they wouldn’t know this kind of health care exists in the resort.”

The kind of unique health care services Beauty Point offers its residents includes a twice-daily pharmacist delivery, a medication analysis service, an on-site doctor’s surgery and regular visits by health professionals, such as a podiatrist and dentist, plus onsite, 24 hour critical care.

Plus, Nancy is on hand to answer any health care questions her residents may have. Even more amazingly, most of these health care services are totally free.

“We take care of the little things, like chasing up prescriptions and getting specialist appointments or organising flu vaccinations, so that residents can just concentrate on enjoying retirement without having to go back and forth to a doctor or pharmacist,” Nancy says.

“We can also organise physiotherapy or an occupational therapist, seminars on the latest health research, fitness programs and tips, a monthly visit from specialists, plus we offer three on-site doctors who work in our bulk-billing surgery.

Nancy Le, Beauty Point Retirement Village's Health Care Manager“We also answer any health questions residents may have. So our residents don’t need to go to the doctor as often because, in most instances, we can take care of any problems."

“But, we are only there to the level you ask for, because we are a selfcare Resort and very dedicated to that lifestyle for retirees.”

Nancy say Beauty Point’s residents decide what kind of retirement they want, and the health care services she provides helps them achieve this, as well as retain their independence for far longer than they would on their own.

And, if your health needs increase in the future, Beauty Point brings the health care services to you, rather than making you go to them. The idea is with free health and fitness services

your doorstep, you are far more likely to stay healthy, and out of a nursing home, for good.

In a small number of instances where a retiree may need an extra level of care, the Southhaven Nursing Home is nestled in bushland on the banks of Salt Pan only two minutes away, and in this case Beauty Point staff take care of all the arrangements for you, so it is as stress-free as possible.

“What we offer here, most of all, is peace of mind. Our residents enjoy a five-star lifestyle knowing that if our health services are ever needed, they are there when they ask,” Nancy says.

Keeping your independence

Not surprisingly, independence is key to a happy, healthy retirement. And a retirement at Beauty Point not only means keeping your independence, it actually means improving your independence and keeping it for longer.

As a resident at Beauty Point, you buy your own apartment, as you would any other home, so you’re in charge of what you do. You can come and go as you please, and family and friends can come and stay.

An apartment at Beauty Point also means you are no longer a slave to the large family home and yard. In fact, many residents moved for just that reason: home and yard maintenance was eating into their retirement time.

“I couldn’t cope with maintaining the yard anymore,” Beauty Point resident June Kirsten says. “Now, I can relax instead of spending time on maintenance.”

To complement this, Beauty Point offers the right services at the right time, to keep you fit, healthy and happy.

But while our services to enhance independence are extensive, they are only offered if our residents want them, so you are in charge of your own life and the way you live it.

“We are not a typical retirement village. We are a selfcare village that also has a high level of health care services,” Manager of Beauty Point, Lisa Papahristos, says. “We are aware that we have a village full of adults who want to make their own decisions and be treated like adults. Our job is to make sure that continues by offering the right services at the right time."

Gardening at Beauty Point Retirement Village“Our residents decide what they want to do and where they want to go. The health care services we provide help them achieve this, and mean residents can be far more independent than they would be on their own,” Lisa says.

You have your own garage or carport adjacent to your apartment. But if you no longer choose to drive, we offer a number of transport options to get you out and about.

Our bus is totally free to use anytime, and our chauffeured limousine is half the price of a regular taxi and will take you anywhere you wish to go, door to door. It’s all about choice.

We also offer all the health services you need, at your doorstep. Keeping up your health is key to retaining mobility and independence. But we all know, when we feel sick, the last thing we want to do is go to the doctor or a chemist.

But at Beauty Point, we bring the health care to you. We have an onsite registered nurse who can deal with all your day-to-day health problems, plus an on-site doctor’s surgery, a free twice-daily pharmacy delivery service and visiting specialists. We can also analyse your medications, organise referrals and scripts and we even have an on-site, 24 hour a day emergency service.

All this ensures our retirees are fit, healthy and happy.

Residents, family and friends can enjoy the Beauty Point Retirement Village indoor poolIdeally, we all want to age in the comfort of our own homes. Beauty Point’s unique ‘apartments for life’ help ensure this happens. The apartments are all on one level and all are easily accessible. As our retirees age, the apartments can be adjusted to suit their needs, so you can stay in your own apartment for life.

So, let Beauty Point make your retirement a happy, healthy and independent one, so you can just enjoy life!

Luxury retirement on a shoestring budget

How would you like to retire to a resort with your own concierge, chauffeur, barista, chef, handyman and 24/7 health care service for less than it costs to stay in your current home?

Sounds impossible? Well, this is now a reality for each of the residents that have made the move to Beauty Point Resort.

“If you are considering retirement, then it’s worth sitting down and doing the maths”, says Beauty Point Retirement Resort's owner George Jabbour.

“How much are you paying annually for essential services like council rates, water rates, electricity, gas, health care, gardening services, maintenance, repairs, security, entertainment and transport?” he asks.

Hair and beauty salon“Over a full year, these expenses can add up,” he says. “It not only makes more financial sense to live somewhere like Beauty Point, it can also make for a much more fun, independent retirement!” “At Beauty Point, one single monthly levy covers most expenses and heavily subsidises others, meaning simply, by buying your own home in the Beauty Point complex, you can save thousands each year.”

“There’s no extra charge for most of the services, like the concierge, handyman, gym, pool, spa, cinema, Internet kiosk, medical services, coffee
shop and bus; and other services like the restaurant, limousine, cleaners, hair salon and the music concert series are subsidised, so it will often cost you less than half of what you’d pay independent of village life.”

Beauty Point resident, Etta Busutel, agrees. ‘I never imagined I’d be able to have a luxury retirement so close to all my friends and family.”

On site handyman service“The on site handyman’s my favorite service,” says long-time Beauty Point resident, Moira Fisher. “If something goes wrong, he’s only a phone call away, every day. Tradespeople can be so expensive and sometimes you don’t know whether they’ve done the right thing. Having your own personal handyman is so convenient and here it’s free,” she says.

At Beauty Point, residents get to take themselves and their family and friends to the free, private cinema anytime to see all the latest releases.

There is also an endless list of activities for residents to join if they wish. Because it's your own private home it's your choice to be as active or private as you like, whenever you like.

The apartments themselves are designed to be ‘apartments for life’ and can be easily adjusted to suit residents as they age, so you can stay in your own home for as long as you like without having to move to a nursing home. But, more importantly, Beauty Point also offers a warm, comfortable, welcoming place to retire, says its Manager, Lisa Papahristos.

“We provide a community where people care and look out for each other, while also offering discreet services so our residents can achieve a level of independence far greater than if they were at home alone,” Lisa says.

Beauty Point residents enjoy:
- Free Handyman service –two registered tradesmen on site full time
- Free bus and Chauffeur for half the price of a regular taxi
- Valet for any needs around the house
- Concierge
- Café, Restaurant, Bar, Lounge and BBQ areas with Barista and Gourmet Chef
- Free health care on site 24/7, registered nurse and care team are on site 24/7 for any health questions or emergencies
- Fully Equipped Gym, Heated pool, spa and sundeck
- 21 seat cinema
- Chapel
- Hair and beauty salon
- Convenience store
- Billiards and games room
- Library
- Free computer facilities and training

Taking a bite out of life

Beauty Point Retirement Resort recently hired Mark Barron, the head chef from The Mercantile Hotel at the Rocks, to provide residents with a gourmet retirement.

“At Beauty Point, we offer five different ways for retirees to enjoy the food they love,” explains Ross Symonds.

“Firstly, the privately-owned residences at Beauty Point have a full-size, gourmet kitchen with all the latest appliances.”

“Secondly, we have a fine dining restaurant that is open for breakfast, lunch and dinner, seven days a week, for not only residents, but also for their guests."

“But what’s even more amazing about the restaurant is, it’s affordable. As the restaurant is subsidised; two-course fine dining, including drinks, will cost only $20,” Ross explains. “It’s all part of our pledge to provide an affordable five-star retirement.”

Restaurant“Obviously, friends and family are always welcome at the restaurant and the menu changes weekly, so there is always plenty of variety.”

“Best of all, residents can bring any friend over the age of 55, who is not a resident of another village, and that friend eats free, with no limit to how many friends you can bring each year – which I think is an amazing offer.” he says.

Thirdly, Ross goes on to explain that residents who prefer to eat at home have also been catered for.

“If residents just want to relax at home for an evening, we offer free room service featuring the gourmet restaurant menu, which is better and cheaper than take away!"

Restaurant“Fourth, for residents with special dietary needs, or for those who might want something that’s not on the menu, the restaurant will make it fresh, so it’s like retiring with your own personal chef."

“The fifth dining option many of our retirees enjoy is the free transport service to local restaurants,” Ross adds.

“Many residents organise food tours to other restaurants and thanks to our free bus and subsidised limousine service, the transport to these special events is easy and stress-free,” Ross says.

Ross says the gourmet dining options at Beauty Point are also complemented by the Barista service.

“We have a barista and a restaurant-quality coffee machine available seven days a week for residents and their guests, in our coffee shop,” he says.

Living healthier & longer

Beauty Point Retirement resort offers a level of discreet health care to its residents that is unprecedented across NSW. Not only does Beauty Point take care of most of the day-to-day health needs for its residents, like pharmacy deliveries and doctors’ checkups, the resort also offers a critical care service.

Manager of Beauty Point, Lisa Papahristos, says the health care they provide is unmatched across the board.

“We are not a typical retirement village. Our residents have their own private residences that offer totally independent living but we also have a very high level of health care services available should they need it,” Lisa says.

Nancy Lee, Beauty Point’s health care manager, explains.

On site medical care“In the event of an emergency, it is the first precious minutes that are crucial to eventual recovery,” she explains.

“All the units are equipped with an emergency button and if that button is pressed, we will be at that unit within four minutes, and our average is within two minutes.”

“We have equipment such as a defibrillator and oxygen, so we can have a resident stabilised very quickly,” Nancy said.

Nancy, who is a registered nurse, says while Beauty Point can cater for health problems up to level two dementia, most residents never need to see her at all.

“What we offer here, most of all, is peace of mind. Our residents enjoy a five-star lifestyle knowing that if our health services are ever needed, they are there when they ask.

“We also take care of the little things, like chasing up prescriptions and getting specialist appointments or organising flu vaccinations, so that residents can just concentrate on enjoying retirement without having to go back and forth to a doctor or pharmacist.

Pharmacy Service“Everyone at Beauty Point is very much focussed on customer service, and naturally this extends to our health care services. Anything we can do to help maintain our residents’ independence, we will do.

“This includes organising physiotherapy or an occupational therapist, seminars on the latest health research, fitness programs and tips, a monthly visit from specialists, plus three visiting doctors on site.

“We also answer any health questions residents may have. So our residents don’t need to go to the doctor as often because, in most instances, we can take care of any problems.”

Beauty Point resident, Hanah Pickford, agrees. “I’ve got peace of mind knowing there’s trained medical personnel on site 24 hours a day. At some places we looked at, when you pressed the call button you were answered by a call centre. Here the staff are on site 24 hours. It means I can relax and enjoy myself knowing that I’ve got the backup if I need it,” Hanah says.

As owner, George Jabbour explains, it’s all part of the service.

“One of the most important things for our residents is the peace of mind of knowing that health services are available if they are needed. But of equal importance is the feeling of living in a holiday resort,” George explains.

“Our residents are reassured knowing that while they are enjoying themselves, if any health issues come up, we can take care of most of them,” George says.

“Care can be gradually increased, but still be unobtrusive. The idea here is to keep people fit, healthy and happy so they can stay independent for longer. And you can’t get better service than that,” George says.