Beauty Point resident carries Commonwealth Games baton

Maureen Shepherd, a resident of Beauty Point Retirement Resort for the past seven years and a champion rifle shooter, was a baton bearer for the Commonwealth Games opening earlier this year.

When asked what it felt like to run with the Commonwealth Games baton, Maureen says: “It was great. I was pretty nervous because I didn’t know what to expect. Some people from the resort came to watch and all my family came which was fantastic.”

“It was quite an honour,” Maureen adds. “You have to go through a long selection process as well as security process, so I was very lucky to do it.”

Maureen Shepherd was a baton bearer in the Queen’s Baton Relay on 4th February 2018 at Sydney Olympic Park.

Shooting as a sport runs in the family

Maureen says she’s always loved rifle shooting as her father was a champion shooter: “I grew up more or less on a rifle range,” she laughs. “My daughter’s in the Brisbane team now and my grandson started the day he turned 12 so it definitely runs in the family!”

Maureen joined the NSW Ladies State Rifle Team which was established in 1967.  “We shoot 7.62 rifles. Women weren’t allowed to be full members at first but now we are.”

Even though she’s now older in years, Maureen says she still shoots for the women’s team if they’re short: “I still compete on Saturdays. I’m often the reserve.”

She’s also been working as the coach for the Brisbane Women’s team as their State Championships are coming up soon. Previously, she coached a NSW team against a Scottish team, and she adds: “The NSW team won!”

It’s a lifelong passion

Maureen admits she’s given up a lot of other things so she could achieve excellence in her passion for shooting. “It’s been my work and my passion all at the same time. I’ve travelled all over Australia with it,” she adds.

She emphasises there are very strict regulations concerning the sport to keep it safe for everyone concerned: “…it’s one of the best sports you can be involved in – and it’s one of the safest!”

“I’ve met the best people from all walks of life. It’s just a great sport,” she says.

Beauty Point Boomers win the April Shuffleboard Tournament!

At the recent inter-village Shuffleboard Tournament, held at Beauty Point Retirement Resort, the Beauty Point Boomers were the overall winners!

It was a tightly-contested Tournament and while the Frank Vickery Victors from Frank Vickery Village and the Mary Andrews Village team played extremely well, in the end it was the Beauty Point Boomers who won the Tournament.

The trophy for the inter-village Shuffleboard Tournament.

As the Boomers’ captain, Alessandra Copeta, said: “We were very happy about it. There were quite a few people watching – people from Beauty Point and some people from the other villages – so we all had fun.”

“Of course, we love the game, so that makes it even easier,” she added. “We play twice a week here at the resort so we keep up-to-speed.”

The last puck can win so it stays exciting

The Shuffleboard Inter-Village Tournament started years ago when Steve Mortimer, who used to play rugby for the Bulldogs, thought it would be a good idea to set up a tournament within the retirement village community.

“My main focus is to hold the tournament at lifestyle villages. It’s just a great game and the good thing about it is, even if you’re a good player, you’re not going to win all the time,” he said. “It keeps it exciting because theoretically, the last puck can still win the game and that keeps it exciting.”

Steve added: “It’s perfect for retirement villages because you can play from a Zimmer frame or even a wheel chair. It doesn’t matter because it’s the skill you have that wins the game.”















Kevin Dennes and his amazing photos from Africa and Alaska

Kevin Dennes, a resident of Beauty Point Retirement Resort since late last year, recently presented some of the amazing photos he took when he led a group of photographers on a tour of Africa in 2014. A couple of months later, Kevin showed some of his best photos from a tour of the Antarctic in 2011.

So for anyone who missed these wonderful presentations, here’s a selection of some of Kevin’s best photos from these presentations.

Kevin has been a professional photographer since he was 18 and for most of his life, he worked in the medical and scientific field, developing some photographic techniques that are still used to this day. But on the more personal side, he says: “My own particular interest was travelling to and taking photos in Africa, in the Antarctic, the Arctic – and the bears in Alaska.”

“I’ve done a tremendous amount of travel – most of it paid by someone else,” Kevin adds. “I’ve traveled and photographed on the seven continents and it’s been a wonderful experience for me.”

At one time, Kevin worked for National Geographic but most of the photography he did for them was used for research material. During the time he worked with National Geographic, he says the company did a lot of photography purely for research purposes and these photos weren’t for use in the magazine etc.

Assignment in Namibia

“In 1978 I had my first assignment doing lion research photography in Namibia at the Etosha Lion Research Institute which was a wholly-owned National Geographic project,” says Kevin. “It was in the Etosha Pan – right up near the Angolan border. The zebra and wildebeest and a great range of antelopes would migrate over the Angola border in their annual migration in search of greener pastures and they’d get shot for meat and trophies, which raised a huge amount of money for those organising the trophy hunts.

“In order to slow some of this migration down, they put spear points down to reach the water table  and this way the windmills would keep water permanently in the water holes. It saved a large amount of the lions, leopards and other cats by having permanent prey down at the Etosha Pan. They won’t migrate if there is plenty of food for them,” he said.

In July and August of 2014, Kevin took four groups of photographers to Africa on a various tours. “Africa is an extremely large continent and most of the photography I’ve done there has been in Eastern and Southern Africa,” he adds.

“Here is an olive bee-eater which flies very quickly and this was a very difficult shot to get,” says Kevin. “It takes an absolute fraction of a second to get this just right – to get the wings in exactly the right position” he adds. This photo was taken in Kenya.
This is a photo of a tawny eagle with a spitting cobra that he’s just caught. “Photographers worldwide would give a lot to have been there in order to get this shot,” says Kevin. “You’ve got to be very lucky to get a shot like this. I would trade a lot of other shots I’ve taken to get this one of the eagle – to get the wings in just the right position and the snake is obviously still alive. You might go back 1000 times to the same spot and not get a chance to get a shot like this again,” he adds.


Here we see two Walruses as they gaze at the camera. Kevin says they are part of a group of Walruses and they gather in herds to protect themselves from the polar bears. “Most walruses weigh over a tonne,” adds Kevin.
This is a stunning photo of a polar bear looking right at the camera. Kevin says if he was on the ice, seeing a polar bear up this close would be extremely dangerous – “You would die!” Luckily, he took this photo from the ship and he would have been around five metres from the bear. Kevin says he likes this photo because the bear is “looking straight at me.”






Here we have a six-metre long Nile crocodile attacking a wildebeest as the herd tries to cross the Mara River in Kenya. According to Kevin, the crocodiles know the wildebeest and zebras will need to cross the river at certain times of the year so they wait for them. The wildebeest have to cross the river in order to get to areas where it’s rained and there’s more feed. The wildebeest and zebras do this migratory trek at certain times of the year. As you can imagine, this was a difficult shot to get and Kevin adds: “I had to wait about six hours to get this shot. I know how the system works. If you see a herd of wildebeest you know they will cross at some time that day – particularly if the zebras come and join near them.”


Here we see a grizzly bear eating wild salmon at Brooks Fall at Katmai National Park in south-west Alaska. Kevin says he had to fly for four hours by light plane, land on a lake and then hike to this spot to take this photograph. “This has to be one of the most photographed places ever of grizzlies catching salmon,” Keven says. “Remember the John West ad where the guy goes out and catches one of the salmon jumping upstream? Well that was all filmed here,” he adds. “Millions of fish jump as they struggle their way back to where they were born three years previously. The bears each have their own spot where they catch fish from and they’ll fight to the death to protect their spot. So it was a very difficult shot to get. I took about 2000 shots before I got two or three shots of this sort of quality. You’ve just got to keep shooting!”
Here we see a magnificent large male leopard lounging in a tree in Tanzania. Kevin took this photo while on the photographic tour of Africa in 2014.


The Beauty Point Players — keeping the passion for theatre alive

The Beauty Point Players are a group of residents from Beauty Point Retirement Resort who love theatre and performing. So far, they’ve presented two shows for their fellow residents – both of which has been well-attended and great nights for everyone concerned.

As their director, Barry McMaster recounts, originally the group was formed to watch theatre and movies and discuss them in a group forum. But as time went on, Barry says the group wanted to be more active and to “… focus on performing.”

“The first meeting we had was on 11th February last year,” says Barry, “and we decided as a group we had two functions to achieve and they were: number one – to develop and perform entertaining shows for the enjoyment of our fellow residents; and number two – to develop our knowledge of drama through organising theatre and movie attendances and discussing our experiences and perceptions.”

Theatre visits and movie mornings
In line with this, last year The Beauty Point Players organised groups of people, including other Beauty Point residents, to attend performances by The Guild Theatre in Rockdale – an amateur dramatic group which was established in the ‘50s.

As well as these outings, The Beauty Point Players have held movie mornings at Beauty Point’s intimate theatre. As Barry says: “I’ve introduced movies here in the theatre. We’ve been to three plays and then later, we’ve watched the film version of each of them.”

“This year, I’m intending to show a lot more films which I consider showcase some really good acting and afterwards, we can talk about them and discuss why it is or isn’t good acting,” he adds.

Two major shows
Last year, The Beauty Point Players presented two shows for their fellow residents at the resort, right near the piano in the restaurant and bar area. The first was held on the 23rd June and it included several short, very funny sketches. It was a big hit and everyone enjoyed themselves – cast and audience together!

The next show was on the 17th November and again, they presented several short, funny plays and sketches. Barry says the shows are always a great night because as well as many of the Resort’s residents, a lot of family members also come along to see the performances.

“We have quite a few supporters outside of The Players’ group. “People need to book for our shows because we fill the house. These days, I’m trying not to perform as much so I can direct and that will be more possible now – as we have 13 people in the group at the moment,” he explains.

Barry says the people in the group have improved their acting skills by learning as they go during the rehearsals. “I’ve watched people develop and get better at acting and it’s great to see,” he says.

It’s a social club as well!
Barry says a big part of what The Beauty Point Players do is to enjoy themselves and have a really good time. “When we rehearse on a Sunday afternoon we have nibbles and wine afterwards,” he laughs. “So it’s become more than just a drama group – it’s a social club as well!”

The Beauty Point Players rehearse on a Sunday afternoon with nibbles and wine afterwards – so it’s a social group as well says the director, Barry McMaster.

But anyone can join in the fun he says – even if you don’t actually want to be part of the shows. Barry says all Beauty Point’s residents are invited to be part of the theatre or movie trips which are organised throughout the year.

When asked how he came to be involved in acting and all things thespian, Barry explains he has been a member of an acting troupe called Radioactive Live for the last five years.

“My wife and I had been living in the Castle Hill area for many years but when we looked for a place to move for our retirement, we saw Beauty Point Resort and it became our benchmark – nothing else came up to it,” he says.

“So we moved here and we’ve loved it. Because I’m a member of Radioactive Live, I thought it would be great if we had some sort of group here where people could express themselves,” he adds.

A place for people to express themselves
Barry says the way The Beauty Point Players’ shows are run is a little different from the usual: “We read from the script – we don’t learn our lines,” he says. “We get a bank of microphones and we use sound effects. My wife, Viesia, is on sound. We do a couple of songs – we’re not great singers but we sing these songs with gusto,” he laughs.

“We use signs for our melodramas and we try to do plays that have some degree of relevance to the residents. We did one called Blue Suede Blues which was a hit,” he adds.

This year The Beauty Point Players plan to do two shows again but the first show will probably be a little later in the year, around July, as Barry and his wife are going away in the early part of the year. The second show will be planned for close to Christmas and Barry says these dates will all be discussed with the members of the group.

To enjoy a video about the Beauty Point Players click here.


Long-time Beauty Point resident, Joan Stuart, named as patron
The Beauty Point Players have named Joan Stuart, a long-time resident of Beauty Point Resort, as their patron. “She was doing this here before and she’s our inspiration,” explains Barry. “She’s in her 90’s now and she’s a delightful lady with so many amazing stories to tell.”

The Beauty Point Players are: Jan Walliss, Lindsay Collins, John Barker, Dorothy Barker, Lyn Brewer, Robert Cridland, Joe Cockle, Margaret (Meg) Marsh, Maureen Shepherd, Pam Pitkeathly, Wendy Wilson, Lillian Coyle and Barry McMaster (also director).

They also have Viesia McMaster on Sound and Joan Stuart as their Patron.
The Players would like to thank the Beauty Point Management for their commitment and support, particularly Lisa, George and Alexis. Thanks also to Craig Winstanley for the installation of the sound system.

New chef delivers a dining experience tailored just for you

Top 5 Reasons to dine at The Beauty Point Bar & Grill Family Restaurant:

1) The new chef will tailor-make your meal to your needs.
2) All locally-sourced, fresh ingredients from the farmer to the table.
3) The chef personally selects all produce including meat and seafood.
4) Everything is cooked on the spot – nothing pre-cooked.
5) The food’s also ultra-healthy and heart-smart.
6) Family-friendly restaurant with views of the Georges River.

The Beauty Point Bar & Grill Family Restaurant is open for lunch from 11.30am to 2.00pm and for dinner from 5.30pm to 8.00pm. To book, call 02 8708 4700 or just call in.


A dining experience tailored just for you

There’s a new chef called Theo Magoula at The Beauty Point Bar & Grill Family Restaurant and he’ll tailor-make a delicious and healthy meal to suit your needs. When it comes to cooking, Magoula has blue-ribbon credentials, having trained and worked with the best of them, so he can serve up modern, healthy Australian cuisine to excite everyone’s palates.

“If people have certain requirements, I can adjust the menus to suit them. Even during the week, people can make a request and we can make it for them later on down the track,” Magoula says.

He’s also comfortable catering for large groups of people and says: “We can do functions for groups outside of the resort as well… We’re happy to do outside bookings and group meals,” he says.

“We can tailor our menus to the function. We can sit down and talk and work out exactly what the client wants. And then work out a price range they want to work on,” he adds.

Trained with the best of them

Magoula has high standards, having completed his cooking apprenticeship in with Hans Schings, a well-known Australian chef. His next move was to travel to London where he trained with Marco Pieres White – a British chef and TV personality who’s been called the ‘Godfather of modern cooking’ by Australian MasterChef.

He learnt a great deal from working with these top chefs and you get the benefit of all of his experience when you go to The Beauty Point Bar & Grill Family Restaurant. He’s introduced a range of more healthy options is because he believes that not only should food taste good, it should also be good for you.

So Magoula has introduced some healthy alternatives to the menu at the Beauty Point Bar & Grill Family Restaurant and the lunch menu now has a whole range of options including: grass-fed beef burgers; hormone-free chicken burgers; wild-caught grilled fish; and grilled fish and chips. This is great for many people who’re looking for healthy alternatives.

But the tried-and-true favourites are still on the menu including pita bread wraps, calamari and salad, schnitzel and salad and even the classic bacon and egg roll.

The dinner menu has even more variation with a stunning Mezze Platter for Two which includes fish, calamari, chicken, beef, prawns and char-grilled vegies. The Specials Board lists the other dishes which are being served each particular night.

It’s all about balance

Magoula says it’s all about balance: “Our main menu now offers well-balanced meals, keeping in mind the digestive system and food for ageing Australians,” he adds. “I can tailor meals to people’s needs – nothing’s pre-cooked, everything’s cooked on the spot.”

“We all have specific needs,” he continues. “We need well-balanced diets so the food doesn’t get caught in our systems. I know a lot about balancing food the right way,” he adds.

When asked if he thinks carbs should be limited, Magoula explains: “Everything’s in a weighed portion and strategically made in that portion. So if the customer eats the lot, it’s good for their wellbeing.

All the meals are created around wellbeing – not just for older Australians, but for everyone.”

Fresh produce on a daily basis

Magoula says he always cooks with fresh produce and buys all everything on a daily basis: “I actually even cut the meat myself off the animal. There’s a butcher in Riverwood and I go there in the mornings and cut the meat that I want. That’s when I decide what the specials are going to be today,” he says.

“We do a small amount of seafood – mainly grilled. Sometimes I do battered fish and chips as a special – say every two weeks. We make the chips ourselves – we don’t buy in frozen ones,” he adds.

What’s it like to eat at the Beauty Point Bar & Grill Family Restaurant?

Jan Wallis, a resident of Beauty Point Resort for three and a half years, says she’s found Magoula’s changes to be very beneficial.

“I’m happy with the idea there are more healthy options and they are heart-smart. I do like that and I think we need that,” she says.

She adds: “Theo’s introduced the Specials Board and that’s really good and he has different specials every day. He’s also very co-operative if you want something different. He’ll do his best to do it right for you. He’ll also do a function for you – he did one for me and I had no problems. Everything’s cooked fresh – nothing’s pre-cooked which is great.”

The Beauty Point Bar & Grill Family Restaurant is open for lunch from 11.30am to 2.00pm and for dinner from 5.30pm to 8.00pm.To book, call 02 8708 4700 or just call in.

Beauty Point Retirement Resort delivers quality upgrades to its apartments

Top benefits of the latest upgrades:

• New electronic awnings over balconies featuring a wind sensor for extra protection.
• All cupboard doors and drawers operate with a soft-close mechanism.
• All kitchens have a full-size dishwasher and an elevated wall oven for easy access.
• The main bedrooms open onto the outdoor balcony via double-glass doors.
• All apartments have an extra-large display cabinet with glass doors and built-in lights.

Beauty Point Retirement Resort is currently upgrading many of its units, including those with superb water views of the Georges River and surrounds.

Abraham Ayoub, Building Manager at the resort, has been in charge of these upgrades and he says there’s been a great deal of time and effort invested in these apartments, bringing them to the best standard available in retirement living.

“I get to see the before and after,” Mr Ayoub says, “…and I get to see how happy the people are when they move in. When you get this feedback, it’s very rewarding.”

“Everyone always says – I wish we moved in earlier – without fail,” he adds.

Mr Ayoub points out that all of the upgrades are customised to suit retired people: “I get a lot of information from our residents about what they need and I think we’re on a winner with the way we do our upgrades,” he says.

Lisa Papahristos, Beauty Point’s Manager, says; “When we rebuild our apartments, it’s a new home – it’s not just a slap of paint. The end result is beautiful.”

Here’s a list of the other standard upgrades being built-in to these apartments at Beauty Point Retirement Resort:

• Kitchens are fitted out with all Miele appliances.
• All apartments are Foxtel-capable.
• The apartments are air conditioned throughout.
• There’s a large amount of cupboard space in the bedrooms and the hallway.
• Storage in the kitchen is mostly in drawers, making storage comfortable and easy.
• All kitchens have a customised pull-out bin drawer.
• Clothes washing/dryer machine located in the laundry.
• Bathrooms all have heat lamps and an exhaust fan.
• All bathrooms feature a Vital Call pull cord.
• The shower recess has a sliding door for extra safety and a touch of class.
• All bathrooms have a heated towel rail.
• All internal doors feature glass frosting and laminates.

More information about the beautiful retirement apartments at Beauty Point Resort can be found here.

Why you benefit from physiotherapy as you get older

Top 5 Reasons to do Physio

1) You’ll reduce any pain you may have.
2) You’ll improve your balance and so prevent falls or injuries.
3) You’ll be able to get around easier.
4) You’ll be less likely to need surgery.
5) You’ll be more flexible.

Why you benefit from physiotherapy as you get older

The benefits of physiotherapy are well-known but these benefits are even more noticeable as you get older. According to Clare Wells, the resident physiotherapist at Beauty Point Resort in Padstow Heights, you can actually reverse the ageing process with physiotherapy.

Wells, who’s trained for four years at the University of Sydney, practised for eight years as a physiotherapist in Sydney and northern NSW, and is a member of the Australian Physiotherapy Association NSW Gerontology Committee, is passionate about helping older people maintain their independence for longer.

Wells says by using physiotherapy, it’s possible to reverse the ageing process “…in a really gently and effective way.”

“Physiotherapy works because it’s a structured rehabilitation approach to getting better rather than a more radical approach like surgery or just doing nothing,” she adds. “It’s structured and it’s gradual and it’s safe – and it’s effective.”

Without someone guiding you, Wells says it’s often hard to see the improvement and to know what to do next: “I’m able to tell people what’s their next step. My role is to be enthusiastic about any improvements and this often motivates people to keep going,” she adds.

Will physiotherapy relieve your pain?

As people get older, they often experience pain or discomfort in some part of their body, especially when they move or walk. Wells says as you get older, your body experiences “a real functional decline” and she adds: “Often, when people find they can’t do something, they just stop doing it.” But she says this doesn’t fix the problem.

So when she sees a patient, her entire focus is centred on working out a way to ease any pain they may have and how she can relieve this and make their life more comfortable. Many of her patients have experienced a reduction in pain and discomfort when working with her.

Physio – it’s a preventative health measure

Wells also points out that doing physiotherapy is a preventative health measure. As you get older, it’s becomes easier to take a fall or to sustain an injury but the evidence shows that when you do physiotherapy exercise routines, you’re able to make an event like this less likely.

Wells is available for appointments at the Beauty Point Resort each Wednesday in the Physiotherapy room on level four. Anyone can make an appointment simply by phoning (02) 8708 4700.

It costs $45 to see Clare for 30 minutes to 45 minutes and she says she likes to spend a decent amount of time “… so she can try a few things and see what’s going to work.”

If you have a referral from your doctor, you can receive up to five physiotherapy treatments per year free because they can be bulk-billed by Medicare. If you’re a DVA card holder you can receive free treatments on an ongoing basis.

Your private health fund card can be swiped on the spot so your rebate goes directly into your bank account. (Rebates are available for all major health funds).

Physiotherapy treatments

On your first appointment, Wells will spend the first 10 to 15 minutes taking a detailed history of any injuries you may have so she can tailor-make a treatment for you.

Her treatments usually include some comfortable stretching movements or massage. Both of these assist the relaxation of the muscles and improve your movement.

You’ll be given an exercise program and reminders on how to manage your injury. Your program will be written down for you in diagrams and words, so you can remember what you need to do.

Additional exercise classes will soon be available with Wells using new HUR equipment in the gym, providing individualised strengthening programs in small groups.

Does it work?

Gerry Steele, a Beauty Point resident for the past seven years, has been seeing Clare over the past six weeks for some severe damage he has in his vertebrae and he says: “I’m a fan of Clare’s, I can tell you!”

He says his injury was caused in earlier days when he worked as a diesel mechanic and had to do quite a bit of heavy lifting. “I’ve had doctors tell me I have a severe risk of a fracture in my spine and I’ve had severe pain for years. But since I’ve been working with Clare, the pain has reduced a lot. I’m very pleased,” he adds. “I’ve worked with Clare for six weeks and now she’s given me a program and says I can do it myself. I’m very impressed.”

June Kirsten, a Beauty Point Resort resident for the past seven years, is also very happy with Clare: “Yes, I’ve had arthritis in my knee so I’ve been seeing Clare every week and I’ve been doing all the exercises and it’s definitely been very helpful. A few months ago, I could hardly walk. Now, I’m walking around and I don’t have any sharp pain left,” she says.

“I’ve never had a physio before and I find Clare very helpful and everything runs smoothly with her. I only need to see her once a fortnight now. She’s even written a letter to my local doctor so she’s very thorough. You can’t ask for more than that,” she adds.

Wells is available for appointments at the Beauty Point Resort each Wednesday in the Physiotherapy room on level four. Anyone can book an appointment by phoning (02) 8708 4700.

What does it take to manage Sydney’s premier retirement resort, Beauty Point?

According to Beauty Point’s manager of over a decade, Lisa Papahristos, the answer is simple: excellent customer service skills.

After many years in public service, Lisa brought with her to the role of Manager of the resort a wealth of customer service experience, and this experience has infiltrated every aspect of Beauty Point, from the 24 hour a day, seven day a week concierge desk, to the sale of the newly renovated apartments.

Lisa was a well-known face at Kogarah Council for six years, first as the personal assistant to the director, then as a supporter to the Mayor, and finally as manager of the highly successful customer service centre.

But in her job at the Resort, Lisa feels she has finally found her home.

“I am very proud that I am able to help our retirees maintain their independence for longer. Our residents are adults. They decide what they want to do, and it is my job to help them achieve this with the right services at the right time,” Lisa says.

“We all pitch in to make sure this happens. I think the difference between this resort and some other villages is that everyone here genuinely cares.”

After joining owner George Jabbour’s team 10 years ago, the pair set about remodelling the resort from the ground up and ensuring that every single staff member was dedicated to offering the best service.

Lisa is also proud of the Resort’s unique ‘stand alone’ status, and believes this ‘hands on’ approach by the owner and management, plus the staff’s dedication to ensuring independent lifestyles with health services available only if you need them, is what makes Beauty Point one of the best retirement villages around.

“I came to Beauty Point without any history in the retirement industry, which I think has been a real blessing. I wasn’t constrained by what we ‘should’ be doing, and instead George and I just did what we thought was right. It’s the first time I’ve ever been in a job this long, and I am never bored,” Lisa says.

Lisa has no plans to ever leave the place she loves, and is so proud of the exclusive service that Beauty Point offers its residents. Lisa ensures she meets and chats to every resident regularly and says that Beauty Point just has a different feel to many other retirement villages across Sydney and NSW.

“I just love the village, because I’ve help build it. Beauty Point grew out of nothing and now we lead in the industry, which I believe is because of our hands on customer service.

“It doesn’t matter to us whether you are a pensioner or a self-funded retiree, you get the same service across the board at Beauty Point.

“Customer service is the key. If you treat your customers well, you can succeed in any business,” Lisa says.

For obligation-free information and for any further questions about the Resort and available apartments, contact Lisa, on 8708 4700 or 0409 849 332.

How Beauty Point helps you stay in your own home

residents in loungeroom

Some people don’t want to talk about it, but let’s be frank: for many retirees the reality of having to move to a retirement village can be daunting.

There is not only a loss of security after moving out of the family home into a rented apartment, but there is also the chance you’ll have to move later to an anonymous nursing home away from family and friends and familiar environs.

Ideally, we all want to age in the comfort of our own homes. Beauty Point’s unique ‘apartments for life’ and discreet health care services help ensure this happens, and in most cases, we can help you avoid a nursing home altogether.

This is because Beauty Point is different to most retirement facilities. Not only do you own your own home at Beauty Point and enjoy the security this brings, Beauty Point also has exceptional health care services that help you age in place, yet are so discreet you don’t see them unless you need them.

Beauty Point’s Manager, Lisa Papahristos, explains. “The apartments are all on one level and all are easily accessible. As you age, the apartments can be adjusted to suit your needs, so you can stay in your own apartment for life.”

“This even includes the installation of rails, ramps and chair lifts, if necessary.”

Beauty Point’s surrounds are also all easily accessible, ensuring that you can stay in your own home and continue to enjoy life and use all the facilities and activities.

Beauty Point also helps you age in place by providing the right health care services at the right time.

Beauty Points Health Care Manager, Nancy Le, says she brings the health care service to retirees’ doorsteps, keeping residents fit and healthy for longer.

“Living somewhere like Beauty Point improves your health because health often gets put off when you live at home because of other priorities. Here, we have health care staff on hand, as well as a GP and many other health services, so we can pick up health issues and treat them much faster.

“But the discreet health services are only there if you need them. Otherwise, you can just enjoy retirement without ever know they are there,” Nancy says.

Beauty Point also offers ample security and privacy, as residents own their own apartments, so can come and go as they see fit, or socialise as much or a little as they like.

As Lisa explains, Beauty Point’s staff and management aim is to enhance independence. “We are not a typical retirement village. We are a self-care village that also has a high level of health care services,” Lisa says. “We are aware that we have a village full of adults who want to make their own decisions and be treated like adults. Our job is to make sure that continues by offering the right services at the right time.

“We can cater up to level two dementia, which means, in most cases, our residents can avoid going to a nursing home and can just stay in their own homes as they age. This offers not only peace of mind, but a feeling of security, too.

“In a minority of cases where we can’t cater to a resident’s increasing health needs, we have a partnership with a nursing home only two minutes away, and can take care of all the arrangements for you,” Lisa says.

For obligation-free information about the Resort and available apartments, contact Lisa Papahristos, Neil Saward or Ross Symonds on 02 9773 7119, or can be found on our website.

Getting a New Lease of Life

While Beauty Point Retirement Resort residents are well aware of the benefits of moving to the renowned resort, including privacy, independence and exceptional health care services if needed, retirees also enjoy an unexpected advantage: a new lease on life.

As Beauty Point’s Registered Nurse and Health Care Manager, Nancy Le, explains, moving to a friendly, supportive community can have many health benefits.

“Moving to a fun, friendly and social atmosphere means retirees can get out more, enjoy more activities and even get fit if they want to. Many of our retirees do things here they never would have dreamed for doing before,” Nancy says.

“Being socially isolated is not good for the health on any level, so moving to a caring community like Beauty Point is great for improving wellbeing.

“We know health does not just come from the physical. So Beauty Point also looks after residents mentally, and spiritually as well,” Nancy says.

Second-generation resident Val Packham, agrees. Val, who has been at Beauty Point for four years in the same unit where her parents lived, is enjoying life immensely.

"I am very happy here and am enjoying it very much. The services and facilities here are fantastic, I don’t know of any other place that has so many,” Val says.

Augusta Cossetto, who has been a resident for over two years, agrees. “This is not just a retirement village. I found a sense of community here that I didn’t have for years. Everything I need is here, and every day I can do something different. I am very happy,” she says.

Val Lofts, who has been at Beauty Point for over two years, says she has learned things she never would have learned by staying in the family home. “We have a very busy, good life. I have learned how to use the Internet and email. I never would have done it if I hadn’t moved here,” she says.

Nancy says the benefits of community living are complemented by Beauty Point’s discreet, yet extensive health care services, most of which are included in the monthly levy and are therefore free to use at no extra cost.This includes health checkups, medication analysis and support, a twice-daily pharmacy delivery, an on-site doctor’s surgery and regular visits by health professionals, such as a podiatrist and dentist, plus critical care in the event of an emergency.

“We bring the health care services to our retirees, rather than making them go out to get them. With comprehensive health care at your doorstep that costs no extra, our retirees are far more likely to attend to their health and stay fit, happy and healthy for longer,” Nancy says.

“By having health care available in-house if you ever need it, we can pick up health issues that may be missed or put off. As we all know, health often gets moved to the end of the list when you live on your own.”

As Beauty Point resident, Hanah Pickford, explains, it’s about peace of mind. “I’ve got peace of mind knowing there's trained medical personnel on site 24 hours a day. It means I can just relax and enjoy myself knowing that I've got backup if I need it,” Hanah says.

For obligation-free information about the Resort and available apartments, contact Lisa Papahristos, Neil Saward or Ross Symonds on 02 9773 7119, or can be found on our website.