Village News

Short articles to update you on the latest village news, what's happening and highlights of the lifestyle at Beauty Point Resort in Southern Sydney.

The Beauty Point Players — keeping the passion for theatre alive

The Beauty Point Players are a group of residents from Beauty Point Retirement Resort who love theatre and performing. So far, they’ve presented two shows for their fellow residents – both of which has been well-attended and great nights for everyone concerned. As their director, Barry McMaster recounts, originally the group was formed to watch…
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New chef delivers a dining experience tailored just for you

Top 5 Reasons to dine at The Beauty Point Bar & Grill Family Restaurant: 1) The new chef will tailor-make your meal to your needs. 2) All locally-sourced, fresh ingredients from the farmer to the table. 3) The chef personally selects all produce including meat and seafood. 4) Everything is cooked on the spot –…
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Beauty Point Retirement Resort delivers quality upgrades to its apartments

Top benefits of the latest upgrades: • New electronic awnings over balconies featuring a wind sensor for extra protection. • All cupboard doors and drawers operate with a soft-close mechanism. • All kitchens have a full-size dishwasher and an elevated wall oven for easy access. • The main bedrooms open onto the outdoor balcony via…
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Why you benefit from physiotherapy as you get older

Top 5 Reasons to do Physio 1) You’ll reduce any pain you may have. 2) You’ll improve your balance and so prevent falls or injuries. 3) You’ll be able to get around easier. 4) You’ll be less likely to need surgery. 5) You’ll be more flexible. Why you benefit from physiotherapy as you get older…
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What does it take to manage Sydney’s premier retirement resort, Beauty Point?

According to Beauty Point’s manager of over a decade, Lisa Papahristos, the answer is simple: excellent customer service skills. After many years in public service, Lisa brought with her to the role of Manager of the resort a wealth of customer service experience, and this experience has infiltrated every aspect of Beauty Point, from the…
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