Short articles to update you on what's happening and highlights of the lifestyle at Beauty Point.

Why you benefit from physiotherapy as you get older

Top 5 Reasons to do Physio 1) You’ll reduce any pain you may have. 2) You’ll improve your balance and so prevent falls or injuries. 3) You’ll be able to get around easier. 4) You’ll be less likely to need surgery. 5) You’ll be more flexible. Why you benefit from physiotherapy as you get older…

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What does it take to manage Sydney’s premier retirement resort, Beauty Point?

According to Beauty Point’s manager of over a decade, Lisa Papahristos, the answer is simple: excellent customer service skills. After many years in public service, Lisa brought with her to the role of Manager of the resort a wealth of customer service experience, and this experience has infiltrated every aspect of Beauty Point, from the…

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residents in loungeroom

How Beauty Point helps you stay in your own home

Some people don’t want to talk about it, but let’s be frank: for many retirees the reality of having to move to a retirement village can be daunting. There is not only a loss of security after moving out of the family home into a rented apartment, but there is also the chance you’ll have…

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Getting a New Lease of Life

While Beauty Point Retirement Resort residents are well aware of the benefits of moving to the renowned resort, including privacy, independence and exceptional health care services if needed, retirees also enjoy an unexpected advantage: a new lease on life. As Beauty Point’s Registered Nurse and Health Care Manager, Nancy Le, explains, moving to a friendly,…

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Going That Extra Mile

Any retirement village has to meet certain accreditation standards to operate in Australia. But it is the villages that go beyond accreditation that stand out from the pack. Beauty Point Retirement resort is one of those stand-outs. Manager of Beauty Point, Lisa Papahristos, says what makes Beauty Point renowned across in the industry is the…

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