Be chauffer driven in your retirement

A chauffeur-driven limousine is the latest addition to Beauty Point Retirement Resort’s impressive array of services available to its residents.
“The new, subsidised, complements the free bus service that is already on offer at Beauty Point and only costs half the price of a regular taxi so it makes great financial sense as
well,” says Beauty Point’s Ross Symonds.

“One of the big challenges for many retirees is mobility. This service means our residents can maintain their freedom and independence by providing all the transport options they need,” he said.

Beauty Point resident, Carmen Johnston, says she absolutely loves the limousine service.

“I’ve been using the limousine for a few months now and it is very convenient. I can’t use public transport, so I used to rely on taxis and my sons to drive me around. Now, if my sons can’t take me, I use the limousine. I like the idea of the service taking me safely from door to door, as taxis sometimes aren’t reliable,” she says.

Fellow resident Marjorie Virvilis agrees. “I use the limousine for my appointments when I can’t find other transportation, and also because I don’t want to walk to the bus stop every time I need to go to
the shops,” Marjorie says.

“It gives me freedom, I use it for my convenience, and it’s really fantastic. Plus, I don’t have to carry my shopping on the bus!” she says.

“Many residents here don’t want to worry their families about picking them up, or try and get to the bus stop. This way, I can ensure they get to their important appointments stress-free,” says Beauty
Point’s chauffeur, Neil Saward.

“It also means people don’t have the stress of missing a bus or worrying if a connecting train is going to arrive on time. We take them door to door and help carry any luggage as well” he said.